Boom SocialFi Platform to Launch PC Version on April 15, 2022, Plus NFT Airdrops

3 min readApr 14, 2022


The PC version of Boom decentralized socialfi platform will go live on April 15, 2022. We are also plan to launch the NFT airdrop in May and these NFTs will serve as ID cards for loyal members of the Boom metaverse.

Boom PC Version Launch

We are happy to announce that Boom has completed the PC version and will officially launch on April 15, 2022. Boom recently also completed an upgrade of its website and decentralized app (dApp), and the platform is currently being audited by CertiK.

The PC version will come with several features including:

  • Explore: via the Explore tab, users will be able to post content, which will be visible to other members of the Boom ecosystem. The Explore area also comes with several filters including ‘Latest,’ (for the most recent content), Trending (to view the hottest content in the past 24-hours), ‘Following’ (to view content posted by KOLs they follow).
  • Channel: through this tab, users can create new free or paid channels, manage existing ones, support their favorite KOLs, discover channels, and more.
  • Web3.0 Profile: the NFTs and digital asset holdings of users will be visible via this tab. In the future, the Web3 Profile area will support the display of more on-chain data like the total token held in each address, the number of articles published, and more.

In late April 2022, Boom will conduct its airdrop event. The airdrop is designed to serve as both a reward for the early adopters of Boom, as well as a digital identifier of each Whale, Influencer, Consumer, Creator, and Artist in its metaverse.

“As of now, Boom planet is issuing ID cards through airdrop to the first residents of the planet. Several benefits come with the IDs including community governance rights, personal brand exposure, product trail, exclusive bonuses, and more.”

At a time when content censorship, unruly account closure, and users’ privacy infringement have become the order of the day on centralized social media platforms, Boom has taken it upon itself to redefine social media.

For the uninitiated, Boom is a decentralized socialfi metaverse created by a group of international cyberpunk enthusiasts from the United States, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, and registered in crypto-friendly Miami.

The Boom decentralized social metaverse enables users to express their opinions in both open and private spaces without any form of censorship, collaborate with like-minded individuals to innovate and bring new ideas to life. Boom is the next stage in the metaverse revolution, utilizing the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology to transform lives.

Members of the Boom metaverse can create their channels and become key opinion leaders (KOL) in their areas of expertise. Boom community members can also subscribe to Whale’s channel to get important crypto market updates and more. Boom is available on Google Play, iOS, and Android,

The Boom Roadmap

2022 Q1:

  • Boom mobile app launched — last February, the Boom team announced the successful launch of its socialfi app on both Android and iOS
  • Boom Million Creator Fund launched — an initiative that provides content creators such as influencers, Boom certified creators, Gamefi, DeFi, & NFT projects with the necessary support they need to succeed in the Boom metaverse.
  • Crypto Asset Display feature
  • Whale’s participation
  • Decentralized Identity feature launched
  • Fans Management Tool launched

In Q2, 2022, the Boom team plans to:

  • Conduct its NFT airdrop event
  • Integrate the Group Interaction feature
  • Carry out NFT Channel Integration
  • Integrate the Ranking System

In Q3 2022, Boom will:

  • Launch its Multichain Wallet
  • Connect with Web 2.0 Media
  • Carry out Content Algorithm Optimization

2022 Q4:

  • Boom Create-to-Earn feature launch
  • Boom Token Airdrop
  • Decentralized Data & Storage
  • DAO Governance

BOOM is a decentralized socialfi platform to help connect the world and explore the unknown. You can find us here:
Website | iOS APP | Android APP | Google Play APP | Twitter | Telegram | Medium




Boom is the first crypto investment community based on real asset display, KOLs can share content and connect fans by creating their own groups.